History lessons in The Pacific.

September 12, 2017

Hawaii: O'ahu

The tropical Pacific islands have breathtaking scenery but we were too travel-weary to go further than the beach and pool right at the hotel! O'ahu's north shore is famous for its surf and we had a show of experts surfing the reef right on the hotels own headland. We made the most of the hotels snorkel equipment to get Jake and Sophia used to them for Maui and on our first morning Sophia and I went for a 'run' - tht stopped when we found the hotels stables about 5 minutes in! 



It was a stunning setting for the horses - they looked straight out to sea from their stables. ❤️ 🐴 


Then on to some history. Turtle beach sits on the site of the 1st radar that was experimented by the US army from 1939 after being successfully used by the British since 1935. The story told by plaques on the bay gave us an opportunity to discuss the 2nd world war and what happened in Hawaii. On December 2nd 1941, the morning watch (4-7am) had just gone for breakfast and the radar was manned by the remaining 2 men. At 7.02 they saw 2 blips on the radar and reported it to the US military. They were told 'it's nothing to worry about' thinking it was US bombers returning to shore. When those 2 men came back from breakfast an hour later, 2 Japanese kamekaze bombers had flown directly into US troops based on ships in Pearl Harbour and 2000 servicemen lost their lives. If only they'd listened. This prompted a lot of discussion about the 1st and 2nd World Wars and many questions we had to ask Mr Google! 


We were spoilt by a perfect climate, a pool with a slide and a calm bay to snorkel as well the most delicious food. But onwards again as we head off for Maui.... 



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