August 18, 2017

It had to happen but we didn't expect it so soon. We missed our first flight!! Who knew US customs would be on the Canadian side, have one agent on and spend 15 minutes with each one. Fortunately we somehow managed (by a lovely American Airlines lady pulling strings with her Air Canada buddy) to get to NY just a few hours later than planned. What a difference a day makes - from the peace of the mountains to the craziness of the city. But the night time view as we flew in was almost worth the extra wait at Montreal. 




Chedge organised a surprise to pick us up so we arrived in style...



After checking in to our Hotel and being asked by a guy in the lift if we'd take his President home with us, we couldn't wait to get out so went straight to Times Square!



Today we hit the ground running and in 30 degree heat in the city, found the ideal way to cool off. On a jet boat tour of Manhattan! 



The Statue of Liberty didn't disappoint....





The high line was an oasis of calm above the city. 



But we found the best place to cool off! 



We even stumbled across the museum of maths and spent a happy hour playing with puzzles, riding a bike with square wheels and creating the perfect tragectory for shooting basketballs into hoops...



Before enjoying a true happy hour at 230 on 5th - a rooftop bar with views of the Empire State. 



Phew what a day! 8.3 miles and 16500 steps! 😴 💤 

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